There is something very powerful about having a spirit of thankfulness.  When we focus on the many, many blessings we have in life, it greatly lessens our enemy's power to try to bring despair, fear, worry, anxiety, and any host of other emotions that would serve to get us to take our eyes off of God and place them on our circumstances.

This won't be an exhaustive list initially, but will be sure to grow over time.

Things I'm thankful for/that make me happy (in the order in which I think of them):
  1. Faith in Jesus Christ
  2.  - and the freedom to pursue my faith
  3. Someone who knows who she is :)
  4. Hope
  5. Crystal clear blue skies
  6.  - with puffy white clouds
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Cottonwood fluff floating in the breeze
  9. Bike rides
  10. Flip flops
  11. Snowflakes falling gently from the sky
  12. Prairie grass blowing in the wind
  13. Playing XBox with friends
  14. Laughter
  15. Hiking out in nature
  16.  - with someone special
  17. Trust
  18. Feeling grass between your toes
  19. Rafting
  20. Helping others
  21.  - without them knowing you're the one that did it
  22. Meals with family
  23. Long conversations
  24. Visiting friends out of town
  25. Cool spring breezes
  26. Sunshine on my face
  27. Peace
  28. Writing
  29. Driving into Chicago on Lake Shore Drive at night
  30. Hearing waves lap the shore
  31.  - and feeling them on your feet
  32. Unexpected phone calls
  33. Sticky rice with Mango
  34. Crunchy leaves
  35. Riding the el
  36. The smell of a freshly plowed field
  37. A cat rubbing up next to you
  38.  - especially if you're feeling down.
  39. Getting a card in the mail
  40. Taking the "scenic route"
  41. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
  42. Frozen custard (especially lemon)
  43. Dandelion puffballs
  44. Pudgy squirrels
  45. Strawberries from the garden
  46. The Lazy River
  47. Meeting that one person whose soul echoes your own
  48. The promise of an acorn
  49. Time alone with God
  50.  - with your journal
  51.  - out in nature
  52. Writing (I know I said this before, but I really like writing.)
  53. Having people in your life who know you better than you know yourself
  54. Going putt putt
  55. Playing in the snow
  56. Fresh tomatoes
  57. Baby bunnies
  58. Feeling God lay a story on your heart, and seeing it come to life on paper
  59. Swinging on the swings in the park late at night
  60. Hearing someone say, "I love you."
  61. Laying in the sun
  62. Instrumental music
  63. Staring up at starry skies on a clear crisp night
  64. Staring up at starry skies on a clear crisp night
  65. Staring up at starry skies on a clear crisp night
  66. Storyboarding
  67. Being accepted for who you are
  68. Smoked pulled pork barbecue
  69. Liliacs
  70. The thok-thok-thok of tires on a concrete highway
  71. The sound of trains
  72. Fresh rhubarb pie
  73. Watching your truck turn over a quarter million miles
  74. Candlelight worship services
  75. Exploring
  76. Surprising someone with flowers
  77. Growing - in faith, in life, in maturity, in relationships, etc.
  78. Wind chimes
  79. Sunrises
  80. Driving a 5-speed in the winter
  81. Being yourself
  82. Climbing higher
  83. Turkey burgers with pepperjack cheese and red cream ale barbecue sauce
  84. Ceiling fans
  85. Green turn arrows
  86. Time with friends
  87. Cat sitting
  88. Ducklings
  89. Sitting down with God and letting Him teach
  90. Long walks along the beach
  91. Going tubing
  92. Lightning bugs over bean fields
  93. Undeserved grace
  94. Growing through difficult events
  95. Drives through the country
  96. Shared memories
  97. Someone who understands you better than you do yourself
  98. Patience
  99. Not being perfect
  100.  - and still being loved despite that fact
  101. Fireworks
  102. Cookouts and picnics with loved ones
  103. Experiencing life
  104.  - with people we love
  105. Working through stuff from the past
  106. Not getting stressed when problems pile up
  107. Taking Christmas card photos with family
  108. Sitting around the table talking
  109. Finding that one person in the world to share the rest of your life with
  110. Listening to others' life stories
  111. Raindrops on my face
  112. Rainbows
  113. Getting a letter in the mail from a far-away friend
  114. Turkey Run
  115. Sleeping in
  116. Sheets fresh from the dryer