Bad Fruit 3 :: Falling Behind

It’s been really hot and humid the last several weeks, and to be honest I haven’t wanted to spend much time outside. I usually go out on “bur patrol” early in the morning before work, but just haven’t made it a priority lately. But that means that The Bur has started to get out of control. The plants aren’t huge yet, but they’re definitely becoming more established and plentiful. In other words, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Sin can be like that in our lives. We get distracted with something else, we get tired of fighting it, and we let it grow in our lives. We let things slip that we didn’t used to, because we’re tired. But when we backslide in our efforts against it, it just serves to make things more difficult when we want to start fighting it again.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t take time to relax and recover from time to time. But we have to make sure that when we do, we don’t let our guard down and let the bad fruit start to grow out of control. If we do, our apathy today will make our lives that much harder in the future.

We need to be diligent about keeping the bad fruit under control.