This came out of a conversation with a friend this morning.Sometimes it’s funny to me how excited I get about rolling down a big hill, seeing the leaves flutter off of the trees, laughing at a fat little squirrel with a mouth full of nuts, or watching as the snowflakes wisp through a dim evening sky; I’m awestruck at sunrises and sunsets and starry nights and storms and rainbows.  Somewhere along the way as we “grow up,” we forget to live.  We get so concerned with money and jobs and life and possessions and careers that we miss the beauty around us – the people, the places, the things.  We get so caught up in the world that we miss the world around us; we trade the present for the future (which never comes ironically.)  We work so hard to be happy that we miss the things that make us happy that are passing by us every day.  The world is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people and a masterfully intricate creation that was made for us to enjoy in awestruck wonder.  I am never happier than when I get to spend time with friends enjoying that world.

Yes, sometimes life gets busy.  But it’s my prayer that even during those times of busyness, there will still be moments of awe and wonder, where our Savior will allow me to catch a glimpse of Him even if for just a moment, whether through the actions of a friend, the majesty of nature, or even a moment of peace amidst everything that’s going on.

It is my prayer that you, too, will be able to take moments out of life to be able to stop.  To notice.  To be.  And that through those moments, God will leave you amazed at the world we pass through every day.