Cicada Song

One of the sounds of the summer in Illinois is that of the Cicada Song.  Like many insects, around this time each year, cicadas burrow up from the ground, molt, mate, and die.  However, there is something very unique about cicadas – they spend most of their lives underground.  In the case of the cicadas that are out this summer, they spend 13 years of their lives underground.

I got to thinking about that as I was walking out in the park listening to their song, an undulating sound that rises and falls, almost like the sound of waves against the shore as they sing in unison.  At first glance, it seems like such a disappointing climax to a very long life (for an insect anyhow.)

But then again, in God’s ears, it is beauty, a resonating orchestra that singing His praises.  It is His creation doing exactly what it was created to do.

In a similar way, Paul comments to the Corinthians that different people have different roles to play, just as different parts of the body have different functions.  (Cf. 1 Corinthians 12:12-26)  And although sometimes we may feel insignificant, like our life is as disappointing as if we spent 13 years in the ground followed by a summer of singing a simple song amidst a multitude of others, we have a purpose, a role to play, and that role is uniquely ours.  No one else will be given the same opportunities as we are, and no one else can fill our shoes.

As we go through each day, we can take heart that no matter how grand, or how insignificant, our lives may seem, we have a purpose, and by living out that purpose, we are doing exactly what we were created to do.  And like the cicadas, we sing a song that is music to the ears of our Creator.