This morning I was reading a National Geographic article on Mars; at one point they were discussing some of the geographic topology of the planet and how it had changed over time. That got me to thinking about the Creation story in Genesis, where God spoke everything into existence. At one point it struck me that the same God that created everything simply by speaking a few words, is able to speak into our comparatively insignificant lives, without wreaking havoc or upending the universe. The mental image that came into my mind was that of the proverbial bull in a china shop and the destruction that could ensue, were it not for Him being able to expertly channel into the minutiae of our lives and our circumstances. The immense power, expertly controlled and focused. The finesse of that intricate knowledge of our situation…what needs to be done or said…or not done or not said. Not carelessly speaking and causing worlds to crumble, but the exact thing, at the exact time, in the exact way.