Genesis 2

This evening on my drive home from work, I was thinking about stuff.  I do that a lot while I drive.  So tonight as I drove along, my mind rested on the Creation story, specifically, the creation of man and woman we read about in Genesis 2.  Even though I’ve read through that passage probably dozens of times over my life, something clicked for the first time for me tonight.

God did not suddenly realize that Adam needed a companion 13 verses after He created him.

Seriously.  He wasn’t absent-minded and forgot to create Eve.  He wasn’t short-sighted and failed to think things through to completion.  He wasn’t just too busy and thought, “I’ll go back and do that later.”  God knew from the beginning that Adam needed Eve.

The thing is, Adam didn’t know it.

If we look at how things play out, God creates Adam, then He brings all the animals He’d created to him and says – name them.  Fun job huh?  Would’ve been more fun to do something like that with someone else.  But it wasn’t the right time for Eve to enter the picture yet.  God had this task that He had for Adam to complete first.  And through this task, Adam realizes that he needs someone else.  He knows what it’s like to go it by himself, and that it’s not ideal.  He sees all the other animals God had created and how they were paired off, but he was just by himself.  So when God creates Eve and brings her to Adam, he yells, “At last!”

If you’re in the spot where Adam was, take heart.  You might not be waiting on a spouse, but on something else instead.  No matter what that something is, God knows the plans He has for your life, plans far greater than anything we could ever come up with, and He will bring His plans to fruition at just the right time.  In the meantime, like with Adam, He doesn’t plan for us to just sit around waiting.  He has specific plans for us to follow while we wait.  Some of them are uniquely for us because of where we are in life – we’re able to do things and go places that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to if we already had what we’re waiting for.  Others serve to prepare our hearts for when He does bring that something into our life.  But in all, they are plans to grow us and bring Glory to God.

And then, at just the right time, we, too, will yell, “At last!”