Guitar Hero

I’ve noticed that whenever I play Guitar Hero, I do really well…until I start thinking about the notes. As soon as I start thinking about the notes, and when to hit them, and in what order, and what finger is what color…I totally blow it and usually get booed off of the screen before I can regain my rhythm.

Life can be that way sometimes. Scripture tells us that when we keep our hearts right with God, He directs our paths. Sounds easy, huh? But then, we like to mess things up by thinking about them! Sometimes it can be out of concern of not screwing up. Other times it can be because we don’t like how we feel we’re being led. Or it might just be because we don’t feel like we know what the answer is. But regardless, our heart often knows the right answer without much effort, because God gave us His Holy Spirit as our guide when we committed our lives to Christ. And so, we can trust that as long as we put Him first, He is guiding us. We don’t have to worry about what to do, or what to say, or when, because He is in control. That’s not to say that we don’t screw up sometimes, but we can trust that He will let us know if we are about to make the wrong choice. And, we can hold on to the fact that when we inevitably do screw up, we can fall back on His Grace.