I am (a) Human

I am a human. I am human.

Amazing how close those two phrases are. They differ by only one letter, one qualifier. The former refers to my species, for lack of a better word. The latter refers to my condition. Ironically enough, both statements are true about every man, woman, and child on this planet. No matter how rich or how poor a person is, they fit both of those statements. No matter how tall or short, no matter how attractive or unattractive, no matter what color their skin or country they are from or language they speak. All fit into those descriptions.

I can add two more phrases that fit the exact same criterium: I am loved by God. I am liked by God.

Interesting thought, isn’t it? The first time I heard that second phrase, I found it really cool. God has to love us. After all, he’s God, right? Kinda like when I was growing up. I had to love my sister. She was my sister. However, with God, the second phrase comes into play as well. While I always loved my sister, I didn’t always like my sister. (Likewise, I’m sure that she didn’t always like me either.) But, just as God always loves us, He always likes us too. Despite the fact that we are human. Or, maybe even because of the fact that we are human.

I have always found it really cool too, how humans were created way on back when God was busy creating the world. First off, we were created individually. What do I mean by that? The rest of Creation was “mass-produced.” (eg. the creation of fish, birds, plants, etc. – you don’t read about God saying “Let there be American Red Finches and Robins and Eagles and Albatrosses and duckbilled platypuses” and all that good stuff. However, He created man on a separate day, individually. Mankind is also that only part of creation that was hand-crafted by the Hands of God. And, it is also the only part of creation that was brought into existence by the breath of God. Not just the spoken command of Him. But with His actual breath.

And to top it off, He created man in His own image. That’s not to say that God has a big nose and ears that stick out a bit, as would be the imagery if God actually looked like I do. Rather, we have the capability of seeing God through others. Even though we live in a fallen, very sinful world, we have the really cool opportunity to catch little glimpses of God. Whenever someone helps someone else out. Whenever a person comforts a friend. Gives a hug. Opens a door. Scoops a driveway for an elderly neighbor. Mows a yard without being asked. Makes dinner for someone else. In that split second.

We. See. God.