This morning as I was walking from my kitchen to the living room, I looked down at the floor in front of me and noticed a small rainbow.  I have a prism hanging from a suction cup stuck on one of the windows in my living room, and it was casting little rainbows around the room, just as it’s done as long as I’ve lived here.

This time, I got to thinking about how a prism works.  A prism doesn’t change the light – what we see as regular white light contains all of the different colors of the spectrum.  All a prism does is reveal what already exists.  Other objects are able to reflect some of the colors, but a prism is special because it actually reveals them.

It’s the same way in the life of a follower of Jesus.  The world is bathed in the Presence of God, and His Light shines on all people.  However, just as there are only certain objects that are able to reveal the colors of the spectrum contained in light, there are also only certain people who are able to reveal the attributes of Christ to a watching world – those who are indwelled by the Holy Spirit as a result of faith in Christ.

May we, who have placed our hope in Christ, reveal the truth and attributes of Jesus Christ to each person we encounter as we walk the paths He guides us along each day.