Time With God

I’ve been spending much of this morning doing housework. Washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, that sort of thing. As I was standing at the kitchen sink a few minutes ago, I was very aware of the Presence of God. I’d been deliberately wanting to spend time with Him today, and cleaning gave me a good opportunity to do so.

I realized something though. Neither of us were really saying anything. I knew He was there with me, but yet, I wasn’t specifically praying for anything, and He wasn’t stirring my heart in any particular way. I was just enjoying being there with Him.

The one thing that He did speak to my heart was to think about my relationship with my dad, and for a specific reason.

When my dad and I spend time together, we usually don’t talk about much. It’s mostly just us being there together, working alongside each other on projects, enjoying each other’s company. When we need to talk, we do, but for most of the rest of the time, we’re just there together.

That got me thinking about our relationships with God. So many times when we spend time with Him, we either spend the time talking to Him, or expect Him to be saying something to us. It seems like it’s pretty rare for us to want to just be there with God. But in reality, in any relationship, there will be times where words aren’t necessary, and those can often be some of the closest, most intimate times you can experience. There is an inherent joy in just being with someone that you love dearly.

Why should our relationship with God be any different?