Don’t Rest In Peace

There are times in our lives when we go through trying, stressful periods. Often, while we’re in the midst of what’s going on, we look forward to when the stress of what’s happening will be merely a memory. But when those times of relative peace come, it’s crucial that we don’t rest in that peace.

While it is good to be able to catch our breath and recover, we can’t stay in that state of relaxation. Just as an athlete needs to train during the off-season, we too need to press forward even when things are easier again. Because they won’t stay that way forever.

If we get stuck in the “relax” mode when our storm passes, when things start to get intense again down the road, we’ll discover that we’ve gotten out of shape during our extended period of relaxation. And instead of weathering the storm with a new-found vigor and strength from the growth we experienced during our period of calm, we’ll find ourselves trying to make up for lost ground at the same time as we’re walking through our new situation. In other words, an extended period of rest can make our time of stormy weather more difficult than it should be.

And so, if you’re going through a period of relative calm, enjoy it and thank God for it! But at the same time, be sure to continue to grow and learn. You’ll be glad you did when the next stormy day arrives.