Foggy Roads

This morning on my drive into work, it was so foggy that I could only see about a tenth of a mile in any direction. I couldn’t tell when there was an upcoming curve, when the road was going to climb a hill or descend into a valley, or when my exit was approaching until I got right up to that point. This got me to thinking about the paths of our lives.

Sometimes life can seem that way, can’t it? We may know our destination, and possibly even a few stops along the way. However, everything else may seem like we’re surrounded in a fog and can’t see anything of the path that we’re on or where it’s headed except for a very limited view of where we are at this moment in time. We don’t know if we’re coming up on a hill, or a valley, or a turn, or a long, straight, flat stretch of road. And that can be very unnerving at times.

But, just as there was an architect who designed the roads we drive on who could easily tell us all the nuances of the path, Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 16:9, and many other passages remind us that there is also an Architect who has designed the paths that we travel through this life as well, and He will guide us along that path one step at a time if we will trust Him.

Even though sometimes the path may seem daunting, we can be sure that the One who is leading us not only knows where He is going, but also how to get us there.