Remember the Wonder

When we were kids, everything used to catch our attention.  We’d watch intently as the tomato worm munched on the leaves of the plants.  We’d notice how its little feet looked like tiny horse hooves that clapped together as it walked.  The wooly worms meandering across the road made us stop and stare.  We could lay on our backs in the yard for hours doing nothing more than watching the clouds.  We blew bubbles in our milk, intentionally got covered with paint when we were painting, and built entire worlds out of Legos.

We took simple joy in running across the grass barefoot, staring at the rainbows in the spray from the garden hose, and listening to the water bubble by in the creek.  We’d roll down hills, make snow angels, and jump in puddles just to see how big of a splash we could make.  Running across the yard after a rain and jumping to hear the worms go “schlorp” made us grin from ear to ear.  And starry nights – we could lay there and marvel at the vastness of space all night.

Somewhere along the way though, most of us have lost our sense of wonder.  Instead of noticing the clear blue sky, we only feel the heat and humidity.  Instead of seeing the snowflakes drift lazily down from the sky, we see the mass of white stuff we will have to shovel in the morning.  We see the impending winter instead of the fall beauty, the rain instead of the blessing of water to refresh our bodies and the plants around us.  We “grew up” and became busy, important adults.  But why?

Sure, things change as we get older, and we have new responsibilities.  But we weren’t made to lose sight of what’s truly important.  In our western culture we’re so driven to go-go-go all the time that we’ve forgotten how to stop – we’re so preoccupied with what our tasks are that we forget to notice the incredible beauty that surrounds us.  And even when we do “stop,” our minds are racing ahead to what’s coming down the road.

I want to encourage you to take some time, even just a moment, to notice the beauty and marvel of God’s creation that surrounds us.

Remember the wonder.